Chipotle is destroying Fast Casual and Society as we Know It

What is “fast casual” food, really? To put it simply, a fast casual restaurant provides the speed and efficiency of a fast food chain and the quality of a traditional sit down restaurant. Its an innovative concept that’s been around for over 25 years but hasn’t caught on until the early 2000s. That was around the same time that I was in high school, and a new fast casual restaurant by the name Chipotle was built a mile down from campus. Everybody that could find a ride was there for lunch, and as soon as the word spread it became the most popular place to eat. These massive burritos had every hallway and classroom littered with aluminum foil wrappers and  smelling like cilantro. I cant lie, I was a part of the Chipotle craze. I ate it, I loved it, and you couldn’t tell me anything was better.

But that was 2004, and this is now. In those subsequent eight years, the fast casual industry has exploded. Panera and California Pizza Kitchen are just a few of the chains that have gained popularity with fresh moderately priced food options while Chipotle…stayed the same. Even Chipotle’s direct competitors (Qdoba, Baja Fresh, Moe’s) have the sense to change it up every now and then. But no, Chipotle took the Steve Jobs/Tyler Perry route and decided to sell the same thing over and over again thinking the same clueless Stans would come back and buy.  To their credit, they were absolutely right. Its hard to find a short line during lunch hours in any major city, but that does not mean what hey’re serving is quality. Its just the cheapest and the most available. You’re being given a huge tortilla stuffed with two meals worth of food and only get charged eight dollars, but it’s mediocre and everybody in their right mind knows it. For eight dollars, you can get a Large Sweet tea, two McChickens, and a Dollar French Fry twice. I don’t know Chipotle’s business model, but if all they food they serve is as ‘fresh’ as they say, they’re either losing money or somebody’s lying about where that meat really came from.

And then people have the audacity to believe Chipotle is a healthy alternative to fast food. There is nothing healthy about scarfing down a meal that can weigh up to a pound, but if you’re catching up with your friends, you’ll be looked at funny for suggesting Wendy’s. Staring too long at the Popeyes sign will have everyone talking to you as if you voted for Romney. Catching a quick lunch with one of your boss? Don’t you dare let them know all you want is four chicken wings, mumbo sauce, and some french fries with saltpepperketchup from the local carry out. Never mind that you’ll get the same amount of food at a comparable price, or your tastebuds are just feeling a bit ratchet that day. You have to eat the classy meal.  Its the way to go!

Your typical Chipotle fan

Your normal Chipotle customer.

Does any of this frontin’ make any sense to you? You all like Chipotle because it’s made to order, but so is Burger King. You prefer it because its good food, but its literally dozens of fast casual places that are better. Chipotle lovers dismiss Qdoba’s signature queso sauce as the only reason anyone eats there, but if I told you that Kareem was only a good player because of the sky hook I’d sound stupid. The reason everyone likes Chipotle isn’t because its fast, fresh, inexpensive, or head and shoulders above the competition. You like it the same reason people still eat at McDonald’s. Because its there. Now throw some queso sauce on that.

cheapotle 2

“What we have here is a failure to communicate” Part 1

Great blog by my sis

I'm just telling you how I see it

Life, everything in life, comes down to communication. Without it, we have nothing.

If communication is not important any other time, it is certainly important when it comes to relationships, ones that are developing, ones that are, and ones that end. While miscommunication certainly plays a role, a lack of communication does exactly the same thing. While many people tend to think so, they are not one and the same. Follow me.

When it comes to relationships, miscommunications can happen because two people thought they had an understanding, until it becomes clear that they did not. For a lot of people, this can come in the form of the roles that each expects their partner to fill, or in the promises we make to each other. Some women can be fiercely independent in everything outside of a relationship, and still expect a man to be a “a man”. While he…

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Shotguns & Jewelry, Vol. V: Express Yourself

Volume V of S&J is going to be a little less abrasive than volume IV, more introspective, but not diary-like.  A lot more organic, almost taking a life of its own. This volume of S&J, I’ll be pulling from the experiences of others, and analyzing their thoughts with those of mine and countless others. Like any S&J session, no topic or comment is taboo.


I used a poem written by a friend of mine because I think the message was personal, and his words could be a testimony or wake up call to others. Plus, its a dope poem. Follow him. @TopShotta06

Let them know


I beseech you,

With all humility, that one can possess.

Until the curtains descend over my eyes, until my lungs constrict

Every morsel of oxygen out, until

My heart strikes its final cadence.

Lies and fabrications have no place here.

Just let them know that I lived a blind life.

I beg of you.

Let them know..

From gruesome details of the amputation of my eyes as a child to living in civilization but resting my head in the wild.

That I was a living, breathing testimony of a plan, that my integrity was shredded to pieces & then sown back together by hand.

That I befriended authentic hunger and sincere thirst at an early age, and paid my dues only to receive what seemed to be less than minimum wage.

That my heart raged & seared for the meek and weak, that my character was my trumpet and I would blow louder than my lips would speak.

Let them know!

That I saw what others couldn’t, nothing more, nothing less. That I walked as if I was Lazarus in the flesh.

That my destiny was pruned and cultivated for unknown reasons. That perseverance let me know even my demons had their own…. demons.

That my pillar of faith was all I had and I clinged to it every day. That my spirit was pure rock and my flesh was decaying clay.

That my hope went straightforward yet my doubts went lateral giving me split paths, so I gave my sight up as collateral.

Let them know!


My life was no fable. My dreams & nightmares were replicas of Kane and Abel, unable to escape. But his word is not bondage, but Bond, making all right that was once wrong.

Let them know… That the wind may have swept and the clouds may have rained, but my skin remembered every.. Single.. Angle….. of the pain, NOT in vain..

But in joy, in peace, IN MERCY and in praise. Cool, calm and collective but my words with out delay would turn hearts into flames!

Let them know!

That I was well grounded, even though my roots came from above. To the women.. Yes, I loved with no margins, but sadly was numb to some that yearned to give me their love.

That I would only speak when needed; silence never asked for any words. That my actions prompted only change; stimulation never asked for any nerves….…………………….Only courage.

That I was allegiant to my friends & transparent to my foes, that my yes meant yes & my no meant no.

That I was simply a vessel that did what was planned. That is was not the man in God, but it was the God.In.Man.


Let them know….

They used to be artists to a major label, but since they’re not anymore, I figured Id take a blast to the not so far away past with this one.


S&J IV: The Final Chapter: The Evolution of Deevolution

RANDOM ALERT: Let me start this off by saying that paying to see a spoken word artist is right up there with Soulja Boy’s purchase of a jet as the biggest waste of money. You’re giving your hard earned cash to snaps your ashy fingers while listening to somebody give a monologue. Seriously? You’re better off reading a poem and developing your own personal interpretation.  Hell, you might as well go see a play with some real actors with real talent.

I dont know why I felt the need to say that, but if you disagree,make a comment below and tell me how you really feel. Ill make sure to read it carefully and give a prompt non-response. Scouts honor. I just needed to get that off my chest before I started this post.

The Evolution of De-Evolution. What does that really mean? It means that technology is advancing almost as fast as we are regressing.  Just look at this commercial Dodge recently put out.

Take a look at this clip of Scream 4. Fast forward to about 2:17 and stop around 3:25, unless you want to see the entire end of the movie.

There was a time when a man would challenge another man by taking off his glove and smacking him in the face with it. Now, a simple “@ me’ can be a spark plug for fisticuffs or worse.  Everyone is ‘just saying’, but never doing because theyre stuck behind their brand new computer. I remember when the internet was getting really big, and people were calling it ‘a window to see the world’. Well, if you’re looking at something through a window, that means there’s a barrier between you and what’s really going on.

The most special, intimate, and personal moments of people’s lives are now sprawled all over the internet for everybody to see. Maybe its just me, but doesnt the public forum take away from the intimacy of that special moment? Wedding pictures are one thing. Tweeting while giving birth? Come on son.  We are so busy documenting our lives that we spent little time LIVING it. Like, who updates their Facebook status on vacation? Is it really that important to tell everyone how much fun you’re having?

Have you ever seen two able-bodied people communicate back and forth in a room for hours and not speak one full sentence to each other? I have, and its sad.  Not even a glance into the other person’s eyes. The only noticeable actions are an occasional laugh and aggressive usage of the thumbs. Being somebody’s ‘best friend’ on Twitter or Facebook, constantly messaging each other, and not even recognizing them. Or worse, recognizing them, and not knowing their real name.

The advancement of social networks has helped this entire generation unlearn the basic social skills. Its funny, in a ‘im actually laughing AT us’ sort of way. Mofos dont even know how to talk to one another anymore. Ive labored through conversations with people because its like their brain stalls when they have to pay attention to something for longer than 11 seconds. Granted, im the Grandmaster General of the Undiagnosed cases of ADHD  Club, but theres a certain connection you should have with people you really care about. We are one of the most social species on earth, and modern day technology has stripped away the very thing ingrained in us from birth. Lions are born, and the moment they can walk, they hone in on their hunting skills. Pouncing on their siblings, stalking small objects, establishing dominance.  They arent taught to do it, its instinctive. These social networks, in my opinion, are ass backwards. AS babies, we are communicating, albeit through babble and body language. As we get older, our social skills improve as we interact with other human beings on a daily basis. Over that time, we make connections, develop feelings, and create circles of peers that provide emotional support. People have been doing this since the beginning of time.  All these social media outlets are just crutches that are crippling us from doing what we SHOULD be doing on our own.

I said id never do a major artist, and Fred Hammond almost made me go against that. Ill just say go buy his new album ‘God,Love, and Romance’. Its not the typical gospel album in any way. I was surprised.

BUT, since Fred’s already established, allow me to put on a young artist from Texas by the name of Nick Pratt.  His new mixtape, ‘Middle Finger Music’, has done quite well over the past few weeks since its release, and this is one of my favorite tracks from MFM. Enjoy


Shotguns & Jewelry: 2012 Music Resolutions

If anyone knows me they know that I really like music. Im particular about a few artists, but I’ll give almost any song a shot. Over the years I’ve become picky in what I’ll play for an extended period of time, but with so many new artists and new sounds out, music is only going to get better. Its the universal language, and I feel like there’s no real way to enjoy music if you havent heard as many different interpretations of it.

That being said, some artist’s reputations keeps me from listening to anything they put out. Even if the song came with a letter signed by Sallie Mae herself saying “You good”, I still wouldnt listen. We’re approaching a new year, and there are some changes that need to be made in order for me to not give up on today’s tunes altogether. I give to you, the 7 artists that need to stop making music in 2012.

1. Shawty Lo – By no means is he the only rapper that should be on this list, but he is by far the most egregious of them all. Of all the remedial lyrics that have come out of this guy’s mouth, this one sticks out to me the most.

“I’m Mr. Got ‘Em ‘fore the L-O
Learned the recipe, gave it to the other fellow
Ask Pony, Marlowe, Hero
He know, I know, she know, he knowwww” – “Dunn Dunn”

Who in the hell is Pony, Marlowe, and Hero, and why should we believe what these dickheads have to say? Im not taking a man named Pony seriously. And unless you’re Asian, Mr. Lo, I’m not taking a man with a two-letter last name seriously. I cant be 100% sure about this, but I can bet you that he used the ‘fellow’ to rhyme with ‘L-O” because he didnt know any other word. This is the same guy that rhymed L-O with ‘dey know’ during an entire hook for an entire song. He must quit this music thing ASAP.

Shut your sad ass up.

2. Adele – Is she talented? Yes. Has she come out with two really good albums? Yes. Is the nation already tired of the ‘I’m sad because I’m reminiscing over some guy who ended a relationship he made me believe we were in’ story? YES. You’re the White Jazmine Sullivan. You two should take turns crying and making boring videos together. We will postpone your execution to March, but if you dont make a happy song by then, then it’s off with your depressing head.

3. Birdman – Its one thing to be a god-awful rapper. Its an entirely different thing to be a god-awful rapper who doubles as a music executive. Diddy doesn’t embarrass himself on tracks, so there’s no excuse. You’d think some of that talent around him has to rub off, but clearly the theory of osmosis does not apply in the music world. He doesnt even take the time to rhyme in some verses, he just uses the same word at the end of the next sentence.  What’s worse is that Birdman has arguably the three hottest rappers on the planet on his roster and doesnt ask them to write you a verse!  You know they secretly laugh at you, right? I will not stand another Birdman verse.  The next time you open your mouth when there is a mic around better be during an awards show, or you will be asphyxiated December 31st.

4. Lauryn Hill – You selfish cunt. You put out one of the best albums of our generation, follow it up with a fantastic UnPlugged album, and then you call it quits? Then after several years of hyper-breeding, you tell us you’re coming back only to give us a couple lackluster live performances, a few no-shows, and still no album? And we as the public are just supposed to accept this? Hell no. You better be in the booth right now singing your heart out> I dont give a damn if you have to breast feed while making final edits. because the hit is out on you. I dont miss Lauryn Hill anymore, because she doesnt miss us.  What is it, you aint got it no more?  Well, if you dont, then at least tell us you’re done because this waiting game is gonna get you mirked, B. Get off your Sade swag and sing us a damn song.

We want THIS Raheem...not this new one

5. Raheem Devaughn – As a DC native and someone who enjoyed you in a live performance, it hurts me to say that you are the suffering from a serious identity crisis. First you’re this soulful R&B singer, then you tried using creepy sexual food references in your attempts to crossover (see: “Customer”). Then you become this super sexual singer that creeps out most of your female fan base because you look like a urban Muppet baby. You look like Jahiem and Ludacris’ love child. And now you’re some sort of social activist? Sit down, man. Sit down on an electric chair.You need to return to what got you famous in the first place.

6. Nicole Scherzinger – These reality show judges usually get froggy once they get back into the spotlight. You’ll be in awe of the performances of amateurs, and then you’ll hear the shameless plug of a new single, album, or movie. So Nicole, you are making this list as a preventative measure. I dont want you to *Googles ‘Nicole Scherzinger, looks at her current music releases*…crap, she already did.

You know, maybe we should just kill her agent. Clearly they must have something on everybody in the music industry because how she gets funding for studio time is beyond me. I dont want to hear her. I dont want the speakers in my car to be stained by her voice. So the rule is, if anyone in the industry assists Nicole Scherzinger in her efforts to create more music, you shall die. Immediately.

7. Worldstar Hip-Hop Artists – Look, I understand they’re working with a modest budget, and you have to promote your music by any means necessary. It’s just….how I can explain this…..

…Im not watching your rinky dink WSHH music video. And if I happen to accidentally click on it because it happened to be next to that street fight video I wanted to see, Im giving it about 15 seconds before I turn it off.  Maybe I’m missing out on the next big thing, but lets be honest, no Im not. I stand a better chance finding a diamond tennis bracelet in one of my turds. Hate to be a dream killler, but I speak for the WSHH audience when I say ‘Stop with the crappy videos!’

With every Shotguns & Jewelry Post, there is a song for you to enjoy. Let’s bring in this year with a little bit of my own personal favorite, a few live performances from Pentantonix and Afro Blue.  Lets bring back the live performance in 2012. Have a happy new year, everybody :-).

S&J Volume IV, Pt. 2: Chinese vs. American

“The first memories we lose when we grow old are the ones reminding us what it’s like to be young” Take a look at this clip. Technically, everyone in their twenties is a part of Generation Y, but I dont feel like I have to defend them because I used to be hyper critical of […]

S&J vol. IV: 21st century College Graduate


Its a pleasure to welcome you all to the first segment to Shotguns and Jewelry: Volume IV.  Shotguns and Jewelry: Volume IV is blogumentary mini-series that encompass my thoughts on life in general. Every segment you will get a blog from me and a featured artist.

How’d I come up with the name? Shotguns & Jewelry: Volume IV is far from random, and more than just a catchy phrase. Neither Shotguns or Jewelry are the most subtle of items. Audibly and visually,  it doesnt really get any more loud. However, when used or worn correctly, they really can be quite inconspicuous.  ‘No Country for Old Men’ proves this point in wicked fashion. As it relates to my blog, I know that my thoughts can be a bit abrasive and loud, but its not because I cant soften the blow. I want you to see & feel what Im saying. Why did I start at Volume IV? The running joke is that Star Wars did it, and look how they turned out. But its because Im doing these S&J mini-series in stages. IV,V, and VI are what I see as the ‘middle of our lives’. Between the ages of 21-31. The next installments, I, II, and III will be about our childhood days. Im especially excited for those, and may end up giving you guys a sneak peek. But, let me quit rambling and present to you the first installment of Shotguns and Jewelry: Volume IV.

*I like to play the music as I read, but thats totally up to you*

Today’s music is provided by OCD.

VERSE 1: The Problem

That big day is almost here. You can feel the excitement. Cap and gown are hung up in your closet still inside of the plastic you got it in. Outside of your wedding or childbirth, this is the most important outfit day in your life.  Your name is called, and you step on that stage to take that degree it took you 4 (or 5, or 6…) years to earn with a sense of accomplishment. You shake hands, take a look at your proud family and friends, and think about all the work it took to get to reach this mountaintop. As you step off that stage and walk into congratulatory hugs and well-wishes, you feel empowered and ready to take the world head-on. Get that great job, start the great career, yadda yadda yadda.

  In this age where almost everything comes to us instantaneously, many of us(by us, I mean Generation Y) believe the gap between college commencement and corporate career should should be hand in hand as well. My mother and I have had conversations regarding Greek life, and during our conversations she has brought up how many youngGreeks are victims of what she calls the ‘microwave pledge process’. She tells me how everybody wants the same results in considerably less time, and get mad at the world when it doesn’t happen. She went on to say that it may not just be Greeks, but all young people nowadays expect this sort of instant gratification in life.

Damn Moms, you just gonna throw my entire generation under the bus like that? Or are we putting ourselves underneath and telling the driver to step on it? I dont think it’s much of an argument to say that today’s college graduate has a extremely inflated and unfounded sense of entitlement, the real question is why do they feel that way?

VERSE 2: Re-Education

First thing we need to recognize is that since 2003, graduating from college hasnt really meant much in the professional world. Have you ever seen a soldier walk into the battlefield bragging about his gun? No, because everybody out there has a gun too, and it can do just as much damage. So parading your degree around as if its the Willy Wonka Golden ticket will get your little feelings hurt when you how up at the interview and realize that every other person there is toting the same credentials. We’ve been taught that college is the key to success, and that your degree will be enough to land you one of they many jobs afforded to us in this day. Unfortunately, thats just not true. College has never been the key to success, its been an opportunity to obtain future success.   And quite frankly, there aren’t many opportunities just sitting out here on a platter. Outside of the few cases of nepotism, the ones you see on the top of the totem pole earned their keep or made their opportunity themselves.  I’ll be finished with my master’s degree a full year before my newly hired associate director. This brother makes about $100K more than I do.

Japanese samurai said it best, the sword is only as powerful as its master.


Its time for us to start thinking of college as a milestone and not as the summit.  There are still people out there who are 3rd, 2nd, and even 1st generation college student who thinking that merely completing college is making it. The real work starts AFTER youre done. On top of that, its pretty foolish to place so much significance on something that we probably dont even own when we step off the stage (Re: My last post).

VERSE 3: Brake Pedal

The next time you get a chance to talk to someone you professionally admire, ask them this question: Where did you come from…to get here?

Listen to their humble beginnings, and the WORK they put in to get there.  I dont care if its from a supposed ‘hook-up’, it takes hella work to maintain a positive connection with someone for a long period of time. The biggest epidemic in the world isn’t AIDS or cancer, its impatience. And for all the talking and tweeting I see about ‘grinding’, you should be used to it by now. Just run your race and worry about your finish line. Your parents and select peers may be moving faster than you, but thats their lane, not yours. Drive slow, homie. And when you finally do get in the fast lane, take it easy. Life is going to move quickly enough, its no need to press the fast forward button on it. You went to school and graduated to make a change in your life, so dont let the life of post-graduation change you.


ManCave06 Production.

Now I aint saying she a GoldDigger…

but she aint………………….well, she just aint. The “she” that im referring to is undoubtedly the most hated, vile, repulsive,

…whoa, whoa whoa…Im so sorry. Its been a MINUTE since I blogged about anything! Allow me to re-introduce myself….



..Yeah I recently became a duly initiated member of the infamous Taylor Gang. Ill probably have to denounce my membership once my Illuminati papers get cleared. Cant wait to have phenomenal cosmic power.

Fuck what i talkin ’bout? Oh yeah..


I was talking about the most bitched about  woman-whos-actually-not-a-woman-but-we-have-personified-her-so-much-that-we-trick-ourselves-into-thinking-she-really-is of all time…you know who Im talkin about about.

Sallie Mae.

Yes, Sallie Mae. Its very easy to hate her, and its very popular to be mad at her too. But lets pause for a second and think about who you should really be mad at.

Backtrack 5-7 years ago.You’re a wide eyed high school senior and youve just been accepted into the school of your dreams, but there’s one problem: You cant afford it. You ask your parents, they aint got it. Ask grandparents. They aint got it. You ask your cousins, nephews, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cats, dogs, and nieces. Everybody is still broke. So who do you turn to when you have nowhere else to go? Thats right, the deep pockets of Ms. Sallie.


See Ms. Sallie has no idea who YOU are, but you know who she is. And she quite the generous woman. I know folks who has received 100,000 dollars from this lady. And kept her mouth shut for as long as you were working on your degree (that couldve taken up to 6-7 years, depending on how super you were trying to make your senior). But guess what? You got your degree, so she gives you a few months to celebrate your accomplishments,  but now its time to pay up.

Nowwww, this is where I get lost, because from the way I see it, Ms. Sallie was being very patient. How many of YALL would let a complete stranger borrow $100,000 dollars and give them years to pay it off, even though they dont answer your phone calls, dodge them like the plague, and curse you out when all you want to do is ask them when you MIGHT receive your money.

We get caught up in calling her ‘that bitch’ or ‘that hoe’ so much, we tend forget her for what she actually is: ‘that company.‘ She’s a business, and her business is to make a profit from your hit or miss dream of earning a degree. Whether you get or not is none of her business, nor should it be. She gave you money, you owe her. Whether or not you get a job right out of school isnt her business either. You picked that BS major, not her. She gave you money, you owe her. Shit, ‘that bitch’ gave you 4-5 years of silence while you were working on your degree!

And its not like you thought that Sallie Mae was giving out grants. These were LOANS. Loans come with strings attached. Yeah, those strings are attached to your balls, but you shouldve thought about BEFORE making a 100K investment that most likely will result in a 45K/year payoff. Think about it, people.

The person you should be mad at is yourself. Im a firm believer that many people are  intelligent and they know their passion, and most of the time, your passion does not need the support of a degree. But what do we do anyway? Go get a degree, because thats what we were told to do.

There arent many professions that absolutely NEED the validation of a degree from a college or university. If you dont believe me, I want you to find out what somebody without a degree is making in comparison to what you’re making. Usually the numbers arent too far off, and even if they are, keep in mind they dont get calls from little miss Sallie every month, either.

(Special shoutout to the people who want your payments to be $50-$75 a month on a 80, 000 long do you think that you are going to live?! She wants ALL her money back before yo ass die.)

I made my last Sallie Mae payment with the biggest smile on my face. Why? Because what the fuck complaining about it going to do? To quote a great 20th century poet,

“Handle {things} accordingly whenever it comes to you. Do the right thing or get the right thing done to you.

Im back, baby. Head bloody as fuck, but unbowed.



Mr. Gaskins

…You must be one Intuitive MotherF***a, then.

*sigh* I really have to stop using the F-Bomb in all my post titles. But yall love curse words, you even put them in places where they dont need to be, like your Twitter names, or your email address (probably still wondering why that job never called you back. Because nobody wants to hire Who still uses anyway?).

I want to also give credit to where credit is due. This blogpost was inspired by a tweet that was RT’ed @RickdaDick, whose birthday is coincidentally today. After reading this, take a second to wish my man a happy birthday.

For those who dont know me, or havent seen me in real life, Im not a small guy, and I have been told I dont know my own strength. Me and my brother are about the same height (6″1 5/8), but I outweigh him by a good 50 pounds at least, which is a considerable difference in size.

Im no different from any other oldest sibling. I sometimes bullied him around just to show dominance. Every mammal in the world with a complex social structure does this, so its not really uncommon. Being the size that I am, and the fact that Im sometimes unaware of my own strength, there are occasions where I may hit him a little too hard and it may actually hurt.

(Now heres where you need to pay attention, because this particular thought process that I’m about to explain has escaped many people.)

Just because I didnt THINK I hit him hard does not mean that it didnt hurt him. (Thunder booms out of the sky, winds from the Atlantic comes swooping in with a violent whipping sound) Holy crap!!! Did you get that? Ok, let me put it this way: Sometimes your intent drastically differs from the actual effect.  If you dont care about how you hurt somebody, then you dont care. We’re all different so what we find important will differ….

….But you WONT do is tell somebody else how THEYRE supposed to feel about what YOU did. Nor will you apologize, then explain your actions to the one you’ve offended. That, from what Ive seen in my life, is the quickest way to burn bridges.

I had to quote myself on that. The main point of people’s blogs sometimes gets lost in their desire to just rant, but I just eliminated that. you now know what im talkin ’bout. 

I know that recently its been really cool to be on “Team Asshole” or “Team #fuckyourfeelings” but I want you to think about that for a second.

Teams generally assemble because theyre forming an alliance against similar competition. And the main competition that those two teams face is….you guessed it….Team KARMA. And let me tell you, that bitch dont ever lose. You will get back exactly what you put out, so before we are so dismissive and flippant with somebody else’s feelings, we should probably be thick-skinned enough to deal with it when someone says fuck YOUR feelings.

(This blog is beginning to sound like a big ass subtweet, but its not. Which is why I spoke in 1st person plural that last sentence.)

Last thing before I go…..being a dickhead has its advantages, the biggest one being that most things are funny to you. But the intelligent dickhead knows that the word laughter is just one letter short of the word slaughter, and that might be the outcome if you push somebodys buttons too far. So, make sure you are cognizant of how you effect other people, because the moment you arent, its gonna be bad news for you. You Intuitive MotherF**ka, you.

I swear on my next blog will have less profanity…I’ll try at least.

Make sure you guys subscribe to the blog, comment, all that. I leave you with a #throwbackfriday jam that I hope you enjoy.

Until next time folks,

Mr. Gaskins

F*ck a Title Volume 2 (ft. Kanariyello)

You may be wondering why so early in my blog “career” I’ve already had a guest blogger. Well, if you look closely, you will see that this is MY blog. And thats reason enough.  My post will be up here either today or Tuesday. But enough sarcasm for now, Im actually really excited to introduce to you guys a wonderful friend, mother, and author that Ive known since I was 16 years old. The world may know her as @ItsGizz, Ms. Kanari Yello, but she just BG to me.  Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Ms. Brigetta Charmaine. Enjoy!



“Either we’re going to get married or we’re going to break up!”  << When did this become an acceptable scale of options when engaging in what you would think is a loving and committed relationship seeing as how marriage is thrown about?? I don’t think I quite understand. To recite vows before God confessing your unconditional (yes, unconditional i.e. through sickness, in health, until death, etc) love towards the person you WOULD LIKE to spend the rest of your life with is a promise… before God!
Now, I ALL CAP’d would like because typically these days there is a space left for reneging in case you choose to back pedal into the single life again. But if that is the case, then why not remain in a relationship?? Why not just remain engaged until you are done transitioning and full capable of functioning in a unconditionally grounded marriage?? After all, is that not what the engagement stage is for?? To say, “Hey I want to marry you, but as we transition into this stage and plan the physical ceremony and such let’s just make sure this is what I want to do and where I want to be.” These days it appears that what I assumed was a transitional period (maybe I’m trippin’) is the part where you just show off your engagement ring, save up money for all of the PHYSICAL things (weddings and houses), and pack up to move out. Then we (being Americans alive in 2010) get to the marriage portion which is supposed to be concrete and use that time instead as the “Ok, let’s double check our answers. Did u have a. for number 1?” That’s when people realize their spouses have jacked up credit or even worse jacked up morals.
But, back to my original point… To choose your permanent mate is to say you cannot imagine life without them. Am I wrong?? It’s not saying you cannot live without them, but that you cannot imagine what it would be like for them to be missing. So why in this instance would breaking up even be an option?? To break up is to say,” I am done with you. “To mentally prepare yourself for the option of breaking up is to say, “I am okay if we decide to be done with each other”. To propose to someone is to say, “I could not imagine this feeling ever ending.” So how did we come to a point where we have individuals combining these different phrases and hypnotizing ourselves into believing that marriage has a trial period?? Should your entire relationship not be the trial period?? Oh yeh, that’s right. I forgot to mention the relationship has now become the “I’m comfortable and content with you so let’s do this until were ready to be forreal forreal”. Mind boggling…
I blame society as an entirety for the failure to uphold not just past or traditional morals because that is not the message here, but an institution created through God and by God based on a promise we make TO God. Unless that is, you do not follow the Christian rituals associated with my interpretation of marriage. Then in that case, *tips hat* good day!

Brigetta Weatherington