*sigh* I really have to stop using the F-Bomb in all my post titles. But yall love curse words, you even put them in places where they dont need to be, like your Twitter names, or your email address (probably still wondering why that job never called you back. Because nobody wants to hire FuckBadBitches5192@hotmail.com. Who still uses Hotmail.com anyway?).

I want to also give credit to where credit is due. This blogpost was inspired by a tweet that was RT’ed @RickdaDick, whose birthday is coincidentally today. After reading this, take a second to wish my man a happy birthday.

For those who dont know me, or havent seen me in real life, Im not a small guy, and I have been told I dont know my own strength. Me and my brother are about the same height (6″1 5/8), but I outweigh him by a good 50 pounds at least, which is a considerable difference in size.

Im no different from any other oldest sibling. I sometimes bullied him around just to show dominance. Every mammal in the world with a complex social structure does this, so its not really uncommon. Being the size that I am, and the fact that Im sometimes unaware of my own strength, there are occasions where I may hit him a little too hard and it may actually hurt.

(Now heres where you need to pay attention, because this particular thought process that I’m about to explain has escaped many people.)

Just because I didnt THINK I hit him hard does not mean that it didnt hurt him. (Thunder booms out of the sky, winds from the Atlantic comes swooping in with a violent whipping sound) Holy crap!!! Did you get that? Ok, let me put it this way: Sometimes your intent drastically differs from the actual effect.  If you dont care about how you hurt somebody, then you dont care. We’re all different so what we find important will differ….

….But you WONT do is tell somebody else how THEYRE supposed to feel about what YOU did. Nor will you apologize, then explain your actions to the one you’ve offended. That, from what Ive seen in my life, is the quickest way to burn bridges.

I had to quote myself on that. The main point of people’s blogs sometimes gets lost in their desire to just rant, but I just eliminated that. you now know what im talkin ’bout. 

I know that recently its been really cool to be on “Team Asshole” or “Team #fuckyourfeelings” but I want you to think about that for a second.

Teams generally assemble because theyre forming an alliance against similar competition. And the main competition that those two teams face is….you guessed it….Team KARMA. And let me tell you, that bitch dont ever lose. You will get back exactly what you put out, so before we are so dismissive and flippant with somebody else’s feelings, we should probably be thick-skinned enough to deal with it when someone says fuck YOUR feelings.

(This blog is beginning to sound like a big ass subtweet, but its not. Which is why I spoke in 1st person plural that last sentence.)

Last thing before I go…..being a dickhead has its advantages, the biggest one being that most things are funny to you. But the intelligent dickhead knows that the word laughter is just one letter short of the word slaughter, and that might be the outcome if you push somebodys buttons too far. So, make sure you are cognizant of how you effect other people, because the moment you arent, its gonna be bad news for you. You Intuitive MotherF**ka, you.

I swear on my next blog will have less profanity…I’ll try at least.

Make sure you guys subscribe to the blog, comment, all that. I leave you with a #throwbackfriday jam that I hope you enjoy.

Until next time folks,

Mr. Gaskins


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  1. Ms. Pacman says:

    So fuckin true! I almost wanna print this shit out and pass it to the asshole’s I know personally!

  2. LOL! Good post. I think I will be disappointed if you don’t have a F in the title of the next post!

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