but she aint………………….well, she just aint. The “she” that im referring to is undoubtedly the most hated, vile, repulsive,

…whoa, whoa whoa…Im so sorry. Its been a MINUTE since I blogged about anything! Allow me to re-introduce myself….



..Yeah I recently became a duly initiated member of the infamous Taylor Gang. Ill probably have to denounce my membership once my Illuminati papers get cleared. Cant wait to have phenomenal cosmic power.

Fuck what i talkin ’bout? Oh yeah..


I was talking about the most bitched about  woman-whos-actually-not-a-woman-but-we-have-personified-her-so-much-that-we-trick-ourselves-into-thinking-she-really-is of all time…you know who Im talkin about about.

Sallie Mae.

Yes, Sallie Mae. Its very easy to hate her, and its very popular to be mad at her too. But lets pause for a second and think about who you should really be mad at.

Backtrack 5-7 years ago.You’re a wide eyed high school senior and youve just been accepted into the school of your dreams, but there’s one problem: You cant afford it. You ask your parents, they aint got it. Ask grandparents. They aint got it. You ask your cousins, nephews, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cats, dogs, and nieces. Everybody is still broke. So who do you turn to when you have nowhere else to go? Thats right, the deep pockets of Ms. Sallie.


See Ms. Sallie has no idea who YOU are, but you know who she is. And she quite the generous woman. I know folks who has received 100,000 dollars from this lady. And kept her mouth shut for as long as you were working on your degree (that couldve taken up to 6-7 years, depending on how super you were trying to make your senior). But guess what? You got your degree, so she gives you a few months to celebrate your accomplishments,  but now its time to pay up.

Nowwww, this is where I get lost, because from the way I see it, Ms. Sallie was being very patient. How many of YALL would let a complete stranger borrow $100,000 dollars and give them years to pay it off, even though they dont answer your phone calls, dodge them like the plague, and curse you out when all you want to do is ask them when you MIGHT receive your money.

We get caught up in calling her ‘that bitch’ or ‘that hoe’ so much, we tend forget her for what she actually is: ‘that company.‘ She’s a business, and her business is to make a profit from your hit or miss dream of earning a degree. Whether you get or not is none of her business, nor should it be. She gave you money, you owe her. Whether or not you get a job right out of school isnt her business either. You picked that BS major, not her. She gave you money, you owe her. Shit, ‘that bitch’ gave you 4-5 years of silence while you were working on your degree!

And its not like you thought that Sallie Mae was giving out grants. These were LOANS. Loans come with strings attached. Yeah, those strings are attached to your balls, but you shouldve thought about BEFORE making a 100K investment that most likely will result in a 45K/year payoff. Think about it, people.

The person you should be mad at is yourself. Im a firm believer that many people are  intelligent and they know their passion, and most of the time, your passion does not need the support of a degree. But what do we do anyway? Go get a degree, because thats what we were told to do.

There arent many professions that absolutely NEED the validation of a degree from a college or university. If you dont believe me, I want you to find out what somebody without a degree is making in comparison to what you’re making. Usually the numbers arent too far off, and even if they are, keep in mind they dont get calls from little miss Sallie every month, either.

(Special shoutout to the people who want your payments to be $50-$75 a month on a 80, 000 loan..how long do you think that you are going to live?! She wants ALL her money back before yo ass die.)

I made my last Sallie Mae payment with the biggest smile on my face. Why? Because what the fuck complaining about it going to do? To quote a great 20th century poet,

“Handle {things} accordingly whenever it comes to you. Do the right thing or get the right thing done to you.

Im back, baby. Head bloody as fuck, but unbowed.



Mr. Gaskins


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  1. deedeestonz says:

    This literally had me cracking up at my desk b/c it’s so true! Glad I don’t owe “that bitch” anything b/c her callers are RUTHLESS and they will let you know they want their money and will lean on your parents retirement to get it!

  2. I actually don’t owe Sallie..but I ain’t wait for her cousins to call me either.

    You put a lot of the onus on the person seeking the degree, never mind the fact that maybe Mom, Dad, or Grandma couldn’t tell them that Sallie was gone be on that ass, or help them make the practical choice of going to hte cheaper school, or…
    coulda been hella things.

    P.S. Some people’s passion requires the pursuit of a degree. Are you going to the Doctor who got his degree from the school or the one who got a degree from “On the Corna” University?

    • arayegee says:

      Ms. Booboo,

      What u say is true, but all these things are not at the fault of Queen Sallie. And, if your passion requires you to go to school, its even more reason to not complain. You chose to take that route for the sake of your passion. If anything, it should be worth it to you.

  3. […] Its time for us to start thinking of college as a milestone and not as the summit.  There are still people out there who are 3rd, 2nd, and even 1st generation college student who thinking that merely completing college is making it. The real work starts AFTER youre done. On top of that, its pretty foolish to place so much significance on something that we probably dont even own when we step off the stage (Re: My last post). […]

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