S&J Volume IV, Pt. 2: Chinese vs. American

“The first memories we lose when we grow old are the ones reminding us what it’s like to be young”

Take a look at this clip.

Technically, everyone in their twenties is a part of Generation Y, but I dont feel like I have to defend them because I used to be hyper critical of kids born in the 90s. Who am I kidding, I still am. This blog could read like a dissertation if I sat here and went through everything I feel is crippling the development of all  Millenials.  I dont like alot of things that these youngins do, but nothing they could do to themseleves will ever be worse than what their older counterparts do to them, and thats teach them how to be completely full of shit.

What the guy on the video is saying is pretty spot on, and its an accurate summation of how the older generation feels as a whole. The problem with his message is…its just a message. From an old guy. Sitting behind a computer on his radio station. What is he (and by he, I mean everybody who thinks negatively about the generation behind them) really doing about this situation that he seems to care so much about?

Not a damn thing but talking. Mr. Fiasco said it best: If you dont become an actor, you’ll never be a factor.  What makes it worse is that we as ‘the older generation’ waste our time talking at them and not talking to them. Imagine a American man going to China for a year not knowing a lick of Mandarin, and getting mad that none of the natives are listening to him or understand him. (-___-) Maybe you need to actually take the time to learn Chinese. Thats the funny thing about communication, it works best when its a two way street.

But it would just be too much work to hop off of our self-appointed high horse and engage this lost generation, right? They should just listen to what we say, take that for what it is, buckle their bootstraps and get on the right path! Yeah, thats how it should be!


IT WONT HAPPEN LIKE THAT. As much as ‘BECAUSE I SAID SO!’ sounds like a good reason to do what you say, its not.

I find it funny how someone can diss a generation they had a hand in raising. I dont see myself as some outstanding voice of youth because I am a dad or because I coach high school boys. This blog is entitled “Dont Get Me, Just Get It” for a reason. But I really dont see where people think theyre getting by just talking down on somebody…unless, of course youre willing to help them out.

Before I finish this little rant, Im going let you in on two little secrets.

Generation Y? They get it. They understand when someone’s being condescending just as well as we understand when theyre being lazy. Their tattoos and skinny jeans are our earrings and cornrows.  Their Young Money is our Junior Mafia.  Its the same language, just a different dialect folks. We dont get them because we choose not to. They’re bright, and some are just too dull to recognize it.

2nd Secret: Most of that hate for the younger generation stems largely from insecurity. Those who are insecure have never had any real faith in their own ways, so they express that by tearing down the ideologies of others. They  worked 23 years at the job or in the church and have gotten comfortable with the way things are. Now that something new has hit the scene that isnt doing it they way they see fit, its immediately cast off. Maybe its they dont want change, or maybe its because they know that change will leave them on the outside looking in of whatever perfect world they’ve created. The fact of the matter is, time waits for no man, nor does it wait for the former generation to get used to the next one. They are here to stay, and no amount of elitist thinking, age discrimination, or fear of the unknown will stop that.  The dinosaurs didnt die because of a meteor, thats baloney. They died because of their inability to adapt to the new world.

Im not writing this to tell you to go out to your local YMCA and volunteer, what I am saying is that if you have  a problem with how they are, then dont just express it verbally, DO something about it. If not, then shut your ole complaining ass up and stay in your lane, because nobody speaks that language nowadays.

This weeks music is brought to you by the artist Rickie Jacobs. His Mixtape is Titled “Die Brilliant“. Enjoy


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