Volume V of S&J is going to be a little less abrasive than volume IV, more introspective, but not diary-like.  A lot more organic, almost taking a life of its own. This volume of S&J, I’ll be pulling from the experiences of others, and analyzing their thoughts with those of mine and countless others. Like any S&J session, no topic or comment is taboo.


I used a poem written by a friend of mine because I think the message was personal, and his words could be a testimony or wake up call to others. Plus, its a dope poem. Follow him. @TopShotta06

Let them know


I beseech you,

With all humility, that one can possess.

Until the curtains descend over my eyes, until my lungs constrict

Every morsel of oxygen out, until

My heart strikes its final cadence.

Lies and fabrications have no place here.

Just let them know that I lived a blind life.

I beg of you.

Let them know..

From gruesome details of the amputation of my eyes as a child to living in civilization but resting my head in the wild.

That I was a living, breathing testimony of a plan, that my integrity was shredded to pieces & then sown back together by hand.

That I befriended authentic hunger and sincere thirst at an early age, and paid my dues only to receive what seemed to be less than minimum wage.

That my heart raged & seared for the meek and weak, that my character was my trumpet and I would blow louder than my lips would speak.

Let them know!

That I saw what others couldn’t, nothing more, nothing less. That I walked as if I was Lazarus in the flesh.

That my destiny was pruned and cultivated for unknown reasons. That perseverance let me know even my demons had their own…. demons.

That my pillar of faith was all I had and I clinged to it every day. That my spirit was pure rock and my flesh was decaying clay.

That my hope went straightforward yet my doubts went lateral giving me split paths, so I gave my sight up as collateral.

Let them know!


My life was no fable. My dreams & nightmares were replicas of Kane and Abel, unable to escape. But his word is not bondage, but Bond, making all right that was once wrong.

Let them know… That the wind may have swept and the clouds may have rained, but my skin remembered every.. Single.. Angle….. of the pain, NOT in vain..

But in joy, in peace, IN MERCY and in praise. Cool, calm and collective but my words with out delay would turn hearts into flames!

Let them know!

That I was well grounded, even though my roots came from above. To the women.. Yes, I loved with no margins, but sadly was numb to some that yearned to give me their love.

That I would only speak when needed; silence never asked for any words. That my actions prompted only change; stimulation never asked for any nerves….…………………….Only courage.

That I was allegiant to my friends & transparent to my foes, that my yes meant yes & my no meant no.

That I was simply a vessel that did what was planned. That is was not the man in God, but it was the God.In.Man.


Let them know….

They used to be artists to a major label, but since they’re not anymore, I figured Id take a blast to the not so far away past with this one.



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