RANDOM ALERT: Let me start this off by saying that paying to see a spoken word artist is right up there with Soulja Boy’s purchase of a jet as the biggest waste of money. You’re giving your hard earned cash to snaps your ashy fingers while listening to somebody give a monologue. Seriously? You’re better off reading a poem and developing your own personal interpretation.  Hell, you might as well go see a play with some real actors with real talent.

I dont know why I felt the need to say that, but if you disagree,make a comment below and tell me how you really feel. Ill make sure to read it carefully and give a prompt non-response. Scouts honor. I just needed to get that off my chest before I started this post.

The Evolution of De-Evolution. What does that really mean? It means that technology is advancing almost as fast as we are regressing.  Just look at this commercial Dodge recently put out.

Take a look at this clip of Scream 4. Fast forward to about 2:17 and stop around 3:25, unless you want to see the entire end of the movie.

There was a time when a man would challenge another man by taking off his glove and smacking him in the face with it. Now, a simple “@ me’ can be a spark plug for fisticuffs or worse.  Everyone is ‘just saying’, but never doing because theyre stuck behind their brand new computer. I remember when the internet was getting really big, and people were calling it ‘a window to see the world’. Well, if you’re looking at something through a window, that means there’s a barrier between you and what’s really going on.

The most special, intimate, and personal moments of people’s lives are now sprawled all over the internet for everybody to see. Maybe its just me, but doesnt the public forum take away from the intimacy of that special moment? Wedding pictures are one thing. Tweeting while giving birth? Come on son.  We are so busy documenting our lives that we spent little time LIVING it. Like, who updates their Facebook status on vacation? Is it really that important to tell everyone how much fun you’re having?

Have you ever seen two able-bodied people communicate back and forth in a room for hours and not speak one full sentence to each other? I have, and its sad.  Not even a glance into the other person’s eyes. The only noticeable actions are an occasional laugh and aggressive usage of the thumbs. Being somebody’s ‘best friend’ on Twitter or Facebook, constantly messaging each other, and not even recognizing them. Or worse, recognizing them, and not knowing their real name.

The advancement of social networks has helped this entire generation unlearn the basic social skills. Its funny, in a ‘im actually laughing AT us’ sort of way. Mofos dont even know how to talk to one another anymore. Ive labored through conversations with people because its like their brain stalls when they have to pay attention to something for longer than 11 seconds. Granted, im the Grandmaster General of the Undiagnosed cases of ADHD  Club, but theres a certain connection you should have with people you really care about. We are one of the most social species on earth, and modern day technology has stripped away the very thing ingrained in us from birth. Lions are born, and the moment they can walk, they hone in on their hunting skills. Pouncing on their siblings, stalking small objects, establishing dominance.  They arent taught to do it, its instinctive. These social networks, in my opinion, are ass backwards. AS babies, we are communicating, albeit through babble and body language. As we get older, our social skills improve as we interact with other human beings on a daily basis. Over that time, we make connections, develop feelings, and create circles of peers that provide emotional support. People have been doing this since the beginning of time.  All these social media outlets are just crutches that are crippling us from doing what we SHOULD be doing on our own.

I said id never do a major artist, and Fred Hammond almost made me go against that. Ill just say go buy his new album ‘God,Love, and Romance’. Its not the typical gospel album in any way. I was surprised.

BUT, since Fred’s already established, allow me to put on a young artist from Texas by the name of Nick Pratt.  His new mixtape, ‘Middle Finger Music’, has done quite well over the past few weeks since its release, and this is one of my favorite tracks from MFM. Enjoy



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