F*Ck a Title!


*turns down speakers at work* Probably shouldnt be playing Gucci Mane at work. Then again, you probably shouldnt be reading a blog while at work/in class, so my coonish outburst should be forgiven. *sidenote* If you yell the chorus of ‘Gucci time’, it makes the song better. Try it.

About the title of this post—–I honestly couldnt really think of a name for it, and right there it dawned on me that the title does not really matter at all. So….f*ck it.

So, I tweeted today that Twitter is the mecca of sophomoric thought. ( http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sophomoric , just in case. I dont want to lose anybody) I firmly believe this, but I know its not Twitter’s fault, its a reflection of our society. We get a degree, make a few moves, play the “businessman/businesswoman” role and all of a sudden we got the whole world figured out. But not just our world, everyone else’s too. What’s worse, we “know” everybody’s situation, but dont do a thing to change it for the better. We are, however, quick to critisize and judge. Ive been guilty of this kind of thinking in one way or another, and those who think they arent are most likely the ones who do it the most.

I had been thinking about this a few weeks ago when I was out of town and suddently experienced car troubles. Me being cool, calm, and collected, I did the most sensible thing possible: pull over and panic like shit. I was angry at everybody. I was mad at everyone that drove by me with their working vehicles. Mad at the neighborhood I was stuck in. Hell, mad at the person who was in my car (‘Aye this YOUR fault. I wouldnt have been driving if wasnt for your ass. Now help a nigga push.’)

I pop the hood and start looking for whats wrong, because as you know all know, Im an expert mechanic -_-. Not even 10 minutes had gone by before I was ready to call AAA (and my momma) did a white pick-up pull up and ask me whats wrong.

A white pick-up truck driven by a white man who looks like a redneck. In a predominantly white city. Asking a big black guy who looks like a safety for the Seattle Seahawks, driving a black Cadillac, if he can help. And its nighttime.

~~~~~~~~Spider-sense tingling~~~~~~~~~~

*As you read the rest of this, understand that I have never met this man before, and I probably never will again*

I told him my car was overheating, so I hopped in the car with him so he could take me to the gas station down the street and get some coolant and water (so much for that Spidey-Sense).  I tell him the symptoms of my car, and he quickly diagnoses the real issue. So I find out that this guy is named Josh, he just moved from Philly for a plumbing job he hasnt started yet, has a girlfriend, a baby on the way, and he happens to be pretty handy with cars. He openly admitted to being a dickhead, so needless to say, we hit it off immediately.

So long story short, this man comes back to my car, pulls out the old part, drives across town to 5 different auto parts store to find two NEW parts, puts it in for me, and doesnt charge me a damn thing. All this took about 5 hours, so its approaching midnight by the time he’s done. This job would have cost me anywhere from 200-400 bucks. I gave him all the cash I had on me, about $70.

And thats not even the most amazing part of the story to me. This entire time he’s driving around trying to help me, a complete stranger, Josh tells me about himself. This guy is my age, never went to college, owned his own plumbing company that he lost due to the recession, and his knowledge goes FAR beyond cars and toilet sinks. His real-life experiences (which in my opinion, trumps any punk-ass degree you can ever get) opened my eyes to so much that made me reconsider my first impressions of him. *not that it matters, but his girlfriend is black, which I sort of already knew when he described their conversations*

I never got his number, and I wish I did, but Ill never forget that man. This man Josh didnt even have a job, and a child on the way, but hes burning all his gas money for me? Wow. He showed me there are still decent people in this world who just want to help others, and not just for some sort of gratification. He didnt give me a business card, he didnt sell anything to me. He just was being a good person. He had no fancy car, no degree, no extravagant job title, and he was the most successful man I have ever met. So fuck a title. (See how I brought it all together? I swear I need to put a leash on all this swag I got.) Thats not what makes him and I am certainly not going to let that make me.

Its crazy how a complete stranger can show you that sometimes, your own two cents (and i mean that literally and figuratively) do not go nearly as far as a helping hand. I pray all you ‘Im doin me’/its all about this $$/me against the world- minded people get a chance to read this. 

But people who know everything usually dont read thoughts of other they feel are ‘inferior’ so just let them listen to this song by one of my favorite bands.


Til next time folks,

Mr. Gaskins

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